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Walker Ceramics

Walkers White Earthenware - Midfire Paper Clay

Walkers White Earthenware - Midfire Paper Clay

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Premium quality paper clay!! FULLY FILTER PRESSED for purity!
Slab, handbuild, throw....what can't this do???? Produced with the highest quality cellulose fibre, filter pressed and de-air pugged in stainless steel extruder. Perfect for any forming method, join wet, leather and dry. Suits all standard glazes

Pack approx 10kg

Firing range: 1060-1250°C
Mesh size: 80
Texture: Smooth to medium
% Shrinkage wet to dry: 2.3
% Shrinkage dry to fired: 1.1@1100°C 6.0@1225°C
Vitreous Temperature: ~1220 °C Orton Cone 5/6
Fired colour (oxidation): White

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