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Walker no. 10

Walker no. 10

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Classic fine white stoneware exhibiting beautiful creaminess and is our ever-reliable robust white stoneware. It is sieved through 120# so is beautifully fine. It has a firing range of 1240-1300 and vitrifies at 1240 . It is a bit creamier and more open than PB103 so can soften a bit while throwing. A lovely soft cream white and eminently suitable for all domestic and production ware as well as hand building. Suits most standard stoneware glazes.

Pack approx 10kg

Sample approx 1kg - Limit 1 sample per customer

Sample sales will ALL be donated to Charity

Firing range: 1240-1300°C
Mesh size: 120 mesh
Texture: Smooth
% Shrinkage wet to dry: 3.5
% Shrinkage wet to fired: 11.5 @1280°C
Vitreous Temperature: ~1240 °C Orton Cone 6
Fired colour (oxidation): White
Fired colour (reduction): Light grey-white

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