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Venco Pottery Wheel No.3

Venco Pottery Wheel No.3

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Introducing the Venco Potters Wheel No.3 Series II – the pinnacle of precision and performance in pottery throwing. Crafted with the utmost care and innovative technology, this wheel sets a new standard for excellence in the art of ceramics.

Whisper-Quiet Operation - Experience the serenity of your creative process with the Venco Wheel No.3 Series II, boasting a whisper-quiet motor for undisturbed focus and concentration.

Variable Speed Control - Achieve unparalleled control over your wheel with the variable speed control feature. Whether you're a seasoned potter or just starting, adapt the wheel's rotation to suit your unique artistic needs.

Ergonomic Design - The Venco Wheel No.3 Series II prioritizes the potter's comfort with its ergonomic design. Enjoy a spacious and comfortable workspace, ensuring a fatigue-free and immersive pottery experience.

Durable Construction - Built to withstand the rigors of daily pottery work, this wheel features robust construction and high-quality materials, ensuring longevity and reliability in your studio.

Responsive Foot Pedal -Take command of your wheel's speed with the responsive foot pedal, offering seamless control and allowing you to focus on shaping your clay with precision.

For pottery enthusiasts seeking the pinnacle of performance and innovation, the Venco Wheel No.3 Series II is the ultimate choice. Elevate your craft with a wheel that blends cutting-edge technology with the timeless artistry of ceramics, creating a seamless and enjoyable throwing experience.

No. 3 wheel, cone drive, without pins

Wheel-head: 330mm (13inch) machined marine grade alloy casting

Dimension: (L)685mm x (W)508mm x (H)558mm

Weight: 30kg

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