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Tableware - Ceramics Wheel Course

Tableware - Ceramics Wheel Course

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8 Week Immersive courses are 40 hours. 
Raven's courses are: Tuesday's 10:00 - 3:00
Term 3, 2024 begins on the 23rdth July



For the Table: The Art of Tableware is a hands-on wheel-thrown tableware course that explores the artistry and functionality of creating unique pieces for dining and entertaining.

This course is designed for students who feel comfortable centring clay on the wheel and  who are interested in the craft of wheel-thrown tableware. From elegant plates and bowls to intricate serving dishes and jugs and pourers, students will learn the techniques and skills needed to create their own stunning tableware.

Through a combination of demonstrations, hands-on practice, and creative exploration, students will develop their artistic vision and technical proficiency in the world of tableware design. 



Week 1: Introduction to Wheel Throwing - Overview of the course and goals - Demonstration of basic wheel throwing techniques - Practice centering and throwing small cylinders for cups mugs and tumblers. 

 Week 2: Creating Functional Forms - Demonstration of creating bowls and plates - Practice throwing and shaping bowls and plates - Discuss the importance of form and function in tableware design.

 Week 3: Adding Handles and Spouts - Demonstration of attaching handles and spouts to mugs and jugs/ pourers  - Practice creating and attaching handles and spouts to functional pieces - Explore different handle and spout designs for aesthetic appeal. 

 Week 4: Surface Decoration Techniques - Demonstration of carving, stamping, and slip trailing techniques - Practice decorating pieces with various surface design methods - Discuss how surface decoration can enhance the visual appeal of tableware. 

 Week 5: Glazing Fundamentals - Demonstration of glazing techniques and considerations.  

Week 6: Creating Sets and Collections - Demonstration of designing and creating matching sets of tableware - Practice throwing pieces that complement each other in a set. 

 Week 7: Advanced Forms and Techniques - Demonstration of creating more complex forms like serving dishes and platters - Practice pushing the boundaries of traditional tableware forms - Experiment with altering techniques to create unique and innovative pieces.

 Week 8: Culminating Project and Reflection - Work on a final project that showcases the skills and techniques learned throughout the course - Reflect on the journey of creating tableware pieces and discuss personal growth - Celebrate and share the finished tableware with classmates By the end of the course, students will have developed a diverse set of skills in wheel throwing and tableware design, allowing them to create their own functional and artistic pieces for the table.

All materials, tools and tuition are included in the course fees.



Workshops are all held at Northern Rivers pottery Supplies, our new space is located in Goonellabah industrial estate, at 31 Centenary drive. We are in between Ongmac and bumblebee daycare. There aren't a lot of food options nearby so bring some lunch or snacks with you.



If your class is unable to go ahead you will receive a full refund, if you cannot attend your class please contact us and you may transfer your booking to a friend or if there is enough notice, we can try to fill your space before the class date. If we are able to replace your spot we can offer you a credit for a future class or give a full refund. If your course has already started or we cannot replace you, you cannot be refunded



Raven Esque studied ceramics at the National Art School. His work explores humankind's relationships with each other and the natural surroundings. Raven built his woodfired kilns and has been working full time in the field of ceramics for the past 10yrs and tecahing for the past 5.


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