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Mayco Zinc Free Clear SW-004

Mayco Zinc Free Clear SW-004

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Mayco Zinc Free Clear 

Cone 6 oxidation (larger image): Zinc Free Clear is a specialty clear glaze designed for use on glazes containing chrome-based pigments. It ensures that you will get a brilliant, smooth and crystal clear surface over these colors.

Cone 10 reduction (smaller image): No Change.

TIP: If applied too thick, fired finish may become cloudy.

Stoneware Clear Glazes will preserve and enhance the surface of your work. We suggest using Zinc Free Clear over the following Mayco glaze: Fundamental Underglazes UG-21 Leaf Green, UG-22 Spring Green, UG-198 Dark Grey, UG-210 Forest Green, UG-232 Olive, and SG-405 Designer Liner Green. Zinc Free Clear works well with common colors that contain chrome.

Chips shown are fired flat on a white clay body fired to cone 6 oxidation and cone 10 reduction. The choice of clay body, the thickness of glaze application, the firing process, and temperature will affect the fired results.

Discover the exquisite world of Mayco Mid Fire glazes, designed to unleash your creativity in ceramics. With a variety of colours inspired by nature, Mayco’s Mid Fire colour combinations offer many possibilities for creating stunning ceramic works. Whether you're a production potter or new to pottery, Mayco Mid Fire Pottery Glazes offer consistent results and vibrant tones that will help you execute your creative vision.


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