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Raven Esque

Ravens Wooden Sculpting Tools

Ravens Wooden Sculpting Tools

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Hardwood Clay Tools for Sculpting

Raven's wooden sculpting tools are carefully handcrafted from reclaimed, recycled hardwood here in the Northern Rivers. Each tool is carved and sanded by hand before being treated with linseed oil and cured in the sun for a week.

Raven has carefully designed his tools to provide the perfect shapes and angles for sculpting. The hardwood is durable and will withstand the demands of clay work and last for generations.

Each tool has two different profiles, the curve profile is great for rounding edges, accessing and detailing narrow recesses, intricate surfaces, and varied surfaces. The chisel edge is excellent for resurfacing, forming wrinkles, creases, and variations in the surface of the skin.

"I use this tool for sculpting the entire face, it's my go-to tool, I don’t want to do without - it's great for hallowing out and defining pupils" Raven Esque




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