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Keane White Raku

Keane White Raku

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White Raku

Approx 10kg

A white raku containing a high percentage of fine grog whilst retaining plasticity. Used across all making applications with a wide firing range that is not limited to raku temperatures. This body burnishes well due to its fine clay base. Fires chalky white, light grey in oxidation through to a speckled grey in reduction.

Glaze range 1100-1300 Cone 03-10

Bisque 1000c 06 6.85% 16.4%
Glaze 1100c 03 8% 13.4%
Glaze 1222c 6    
Glaze 1285c 9-10 12.1% 2.8%
Glaze 1300c 10R 12.2% 2.8%


White Raku SDS 

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