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Keane Special K

Keane Special K

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Keane Special K

Approx 10kg

A white clay containing refractory pre-fired mulite grog of various sizes for structural strength. Low wet to dry shrinkage. Suited to larger scale work accomodating a range of hand forming and modeling applications, can be thrown with care can withstand multiple firing techniques. Fires chalky white, light grey in oxidation through to a speckled grey in reduction.

Glaze range 1100-1300 Cone 03-10

Bisque 1000 06 5.5% 17.4%
Glaze 1100 03 6.5% 15.4%
Glaze 1222 6    
Glaze 1300 10 Ox 10.2% 5.9%
Glaze 1300 10R 12% 3%
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