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Keane Mid Fire Black

Keane Mid Fire Black

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Mid Fire Black

Approx 10kg

A black super fine clay, does not contain Manganese Dioxide. It uses a black stain only, making it perfect for domestic ware. Suitable for fine work in a range of applications across handbuilding with excellent throwing properties. Fires charcoal black in oxidation. For a crystal clear glaze finish over our Black Mid Fire, avoid glazes containing Zinc.

Note** We recommend AMACO High Fire Sahara Zinc Free (AMHFS9), however customers should always glaze test samples prior to applying to important pieces as batch recipes can change without notice.

NB Shrinkage Wet to Dry is 5-6%

Bisque 1000 06    
Glaze 1222 6 13% 1.5%

Black Mid Fire KC633

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