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Hake Brush

Hake Brush

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Northern River's Pottery - Australian Supplier offers the Hake Brush:
  • Hake Brush- Goats hair brush head 25 ml width
  • Made from goat's hair for applying glaze in pottery and ceramics work. 
  • 25 mil brush head. 
  • Premium goat's hair ensures smooth and even application of clay glaze. 
  • Excellent absorbency which allows for controlled glaze distribution. 
  • Great for larger surface areas of glazing. 
  • Comfortable grip - long and short-handled versions to suit your workflow. 
  • Versatile smooth large areas and capable of more intricate application. Achieve delicate layers or apply in thicker coats. 
  • Durable - built to withstand the demands of pottery and ceramic glazing. 
  • Easy to clean - warm water, paper towel dry, and re-shape. 

Take your pottery and ceramic project to the next level with the hake goats hair potter glaze brush. 

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