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Centering Tool

Centering Tool

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Pottery Centering Tool 

Designed to center pottery pieces and hold clay works securely, when trimming. A great way to trim ceramic works that are difficult to center such as vases, bottle neck vessels or larger pieces. It can also be used when sanding the bottom of fired pieces for fast, effortless smoothing.

The rubber arms come in 5 different lengths and are easy to swap to fit different-sized pieces. The arms move in together to support your piece without scratching the vessel.

The pottery Grip Tool is made to fit a range of different wheel head sizes and is easy to fix to the wheel head (it does not require pins). Once it has been fixed to your wheel head it can be easily taken on and off without effort.

Ceramic Centering Tool is for use on a regular, anti clockwise turning wheels and fits all Venco wheels.

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