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Garrity Texture Tools

Garrity Texture Tools

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Garrity Texture Tools make decorative shapes in vessels and clay forms when wheel throwing. Garrity tools are named after Michael Garrity, an American potter known for developing and popularizing these pottery tools. Garrity texture tools are hand-crafted in the USA from premium cherry hardwoods. 

Key Features:

Wheel Throwing Clay – Garrity texture tools help potters with the decorative elements in their work.

Variety of Shapes - each shape tool has four unique textures with one on each side. 

High-quality Pottery Tools – Garrity Tools has established itself within the industry as a manufacturer of high-quality pottery tools that will withstand the demands of clay work and last a very long time.

Take the aesthetic designs of your pottery to a new level with our Garrity texture tools. Explore the decorative combinations and possibilities in your pottery. Invest in pottery tools that reflect your dedication to your craft.

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