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Pottery Fettling Knife

Pottery Fettling Knife

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A fettling knife is used in pottery to cut curves and angles in clay forms. A fettling knife is used to trim and smooth the edges of clay. A fettling knife can also be used to remove imperfections and execute textural work, and detailing in pottery. The fettling knife features and benefits are:

  • a sharp side and a dull side. 
  • a light handle that minimizes wrist fatigue when working higher up on the knife. 
  • handy for marking intricate shapes.
  • handy for trimming mold marks and removing unwanted excess clay.
  • useful for cleaning seams and joins. 
  • Dimensions 16 cm in total length and the blade is 6 cm long. 

Invest in the best for your craft – the Fettling Knife is a versatile tool that can help you execute your artistic vision. 

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