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Cesco Clear Dipping Glaze - 10L

Cesco Clear Dipping Glaze - 10L

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Clear dipping glaze, already mixed ready to pour or dip.

Introducing Cesco Clear Brush-On Glaze – Elevate Your Pottery with a Crystal-Clear Finish!

Cesco Clear Brush-On Glaze is the perfect choice for potters seeking a flawless, transparent coating for their ceramic creations. This easy-to-use glaze enhances the natural beauty of your pottery, providing a brilliant, glass-like finish that highlights intricate details and textures.

Designed for convenience, Cesco Clear Brush-On Glaze is precisely formulated for effortless application with a brush, ensuring even coverage and minimal mess. Whether you're a seasoned ceramic artist or just starting your pottery journey, this glaze adds a professional touch to your pieces.

Experience the versatility of Cesco Clear Brush-On Glaze, compatible with a broad kiln firing range. Achieve stunning results at various temperatures, from low to high firings, with the confidence that your pottery will emerge with a durable and radiant sheen.

Transform your creations into timeless masterpieces with Cesco Clear Brush-On Glaze – the clear choice for potters who demand excellence in every stroke. Elevate your artistry, showcase your craftsmanship, and let the brilliance of Cesco Clear Brush-On Glaze bring your pottery to life.

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