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Mudtool Polymer Rib - Bowl

Mudtool Polymer Rib - Bowl

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The Small Bowl Rib is designed to give as many radius sweeps on the clay as needed. With a smaller curve in the front and a bigger curve in the back, this is a workhorse of a rib. The Small Bowl Rib rib will become an indispensable tool, particularly if you love throwing round forms.

All of MudTools polymer ribs are made of unique flexible materials that are resistant to wear and the formation of burrs. We've found that with general use these ribs become burnished over time. This polymer rib shape is available in the following flexibility options: Red soft, yellow medium and blue hard. 

Mudtools Polymer Tools – Your Palette for Precision in Clay Sculpting!

Unleash your creative prowess with Mudtools Polymer Tools, meticulously designed for sculpting and modeling clay with unparalleled precision. This set of essential polymer clay tools comes in a vibrant array of red, blue, and yellow, each catering to a specific texture to suit your artistic needs.

Versatile Sculpting - Elevate your clay sculpting endeavors with Mudtools Polymer Tools – the go-to choice for artists seeking precision and control. Whether you're working on intricate details or shaping larger forms, this set empowers you to bring your visions to life.

Polymer Clay Perfection - Crafted specifically for polymer clay, these tools seamlessly navigate the unique characteristics of the medium. Achieve professional-grade results with ease, as each tool in the set caters to the nuances of polymer clay sculpting.

Texture Variety -Mudtools Polymer Tools are available in three distinct textures – red (softest), yellow (medium), and blue (hardest). This allows you to customize your sculpting experience, offering the perfect balance of flexibility and firmness for every project.

Color-Coded Brilliance - Stay organized and easily identify your preferred texture with the vibrant color-coding of these tools. Red for a softer touch, yellow for a medium feel, and blue for a firmer grip – the Mudtools Polymer Tools bring both functionality and aesthetics to your workspace.

Precision in Detailing - Whether you're refining fine lines or adding intricate textures, these polymer clay tools provide the accuracy needed for detailed work. Enjoy the versatility to create a wide range of textures and finishes, bringing your clay creations to new heights.

Comfortable Handling:** Designed with ergonomic handles, Mudtools Polymer Tools ensure comfort during extended sculpting sessions. The user-friendly structure allows for a secure grip, reducing hand fatigue and enabling you to focus on the artistry of your clay modeling.

Transform your polymer clay projects into masterpieces with Mudtools Polymer Tools – where precision, texture variety, and vibrant aesthetics converge. Elevate your sculpting experience today and discover the limitless possibilities these essential tools bring to your creative journey.

Whether throwing clay on the wheel, hand-building or sculpting, the pottery rib is a classic and essential tool. It acts as an extension of the potter's hand to create shapes and surfaces that fingers alone can't achieve.

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