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Northern Rivers Pottery

Creativity and Self Inquiry

Creativity and Self Inquiry

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3rd June (5 weeks)

5:30 PM - 7:30PM

A beginner’s course to life and creativity through the medium of clay. 

In a world that demands conformity, our 5-week pottery course offers a sanctuary for self-discovery and empowerment. Tailored for those seeking wisdom, vibrancy and self-inquiry, this journey isn't just about crafting ceramics; it's a quest to redefine your identity. Shatter the expectations imposed by society, celebrate imperfections, and discover the resilience within. This course is a lifeline for those navigating the pressures of modern life, providing tools to confidently shape their own narrative. 

Join Gestalt therapist Jamie May to turn clay into art and uncertainty into self-assuredness. Let's break moulds, embrace our difference, and sculpt not just pottery, but a resilient, uniquely beautiful you.


Week 1: Introduction to Pottery and Self-Inquiry Session. The Power of Creativity. Foster a positive and collaborative environment. Understanding the role of creativity in combating burnout and fatigue, exploring the therapeutic benefits of pottery 

 Week 2: Patience and Skill Building. The Art of Patience: The value of patience in the creative process and mindfulness. Skill Building and Design: Hands-on skill-building activities in pottery, designing individual ceramic pieces that reflect personal identity & goal-setting for the upcoming weeks. 

Week 3: Embracing Imperfection. Perfectly Imperfect: Embracing imperfection as a part of the creative journey, exploring the concept of imperfect action and applying imperfection to the pottery creations. Reflection and Sharing: Reflecting on the challenges and successes of embracing imperfection, sharing personal insights and growth and peer collaboration on improving pottery techniques.

Week 4: Resilience Building Through Collaboration. Comparison and Joy: Encouraging collaboration over competition &  fostering teamwork. Reflecting on Collaboration: Group discussion on the collaborative process, reflection on the joy derived from working together and identifying personal strengths in collaboration. 

 Week 5: Empowering Designing Minds. Designing Your Life: Empowering participants to become the designers of their lives, goal-setting for personal and creative growth and applying pottery skills to express life aspirations 

Gestalt Theory – I & Thou, relationships, developing connections in the here and now and applying gestalt principles to pottery and self-expression 

By the end of this course, participants will have developed some basic pottery skills and gained valuable insights into self-discovery, resilience, and the power of collaboration. The goal is to empower individuals to navigate life with confidence, embracing their unique identities and fostering meaningful connections with others and art.


Jamie- May is a pottery enthusiast, when she is not working as a therapist she is flexing her creative muscle every chance she gets.



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