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Ball Clay - FX (CA1)

Ball Clay - FX (CA1)

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Ball Clay - FX (CA1) Raw Material 

Ball clay is a type of sedimentary clay that is commonly used in the production of ceramics, pottery, and other clay-based products. It is known for its high plasticity, fine particle size, and excellent workability when mixed with water. Here are some key characteristics and uses of ball clay:

Composition - Ball clay is composed of kaolinite, mica, and quartz, along with other minerals. Its plasticity is attributed to the presence of fine particles and high organic content.

Plasticity - One of the most notable features of ball clay is its exceptional plasticity, making it easy to shape and mold. Potters appreciate its workability on the wheel and in hand-building techniques.

Colour - Ball clay typically ranges in colour from white to buff, and it may have varying degrees of iron specks, contributing to its natural appearance.

Firing Temperature - Ball clay is suitable for a wide range of firing temperatures, from low-fire to high-fire ceramics. The firing temperature can affect the final properties of the clay body or glaze.

Use in Ceramics - It is commonly used as a major component in clay bodies for pottery and ceramics. Its plasticity helps to create a smooth and flexible clay body that is easy to shape and retains its form during drying and firing.

Glaze Suspension - Ball clay is often used in glaze formulations to improve suspension and prevent settling. It can contribute to the glaze's workability and its ability to adhere to the pottery surface.

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