Shaping with Garrity Tools

Shaping with Garrity Tools

 There are a variety of options for shaping on the wheel and achieving the surface you want. Different materials move clay in different ways, metal and rubber kidneys can also be great for creating shape and removing slip. Wooden tools are an obvious choice for many potters, they are nice and sturdy, feel solid to hold and allow a smooth but rigid surface to push and pull against. Handmade wooden products are becoming a more popular choice compared to their plastic counterparts. Compared to Polymer or rubber tools, wooden tools need more care, but they are designed to be in water and get messy, just as long as you don't leave them soaking for a very long time. 


Garrity tools are have a large range tools to choose from and are a reliable addition to your tool kit.

The Texture Tools provide fun shapes to your vessel, these allow you to make make unique shapes and patterns with consistency  and make otherwise fiddly shapes very easy to achieve. 


Footing Tools are a favourite and will give you a refined, unified and well finished foot on your vessels. It will also save you time on trimming later.


The variety of wooden Ribs offer a range of shapes for throwing, these allow you to achieve shape and symmetry. They range from small ribs to long large ribs for throwing very large scale pieces easily.

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