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Two Part Pots with Lucy.Be - 8 Week Immersive

Two Part Pots with Lucy.Be - 8 Week Immersive

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8 Week Immersive courses are 40 hours. 
Lucy's courses are: Wednesdays 10:00 - 3:00
Term 4, 2024 begins on the 16th October


*Payment plans are available - Call or email us to organise an ongoing payment plan!

Are you ready to take your pottery skills to the next level? 

Our "Two Part Pots" course is designed for students who are eager to expand their repertoire and master more complex techniques. If you can confidently center and throw up to 1kg of clay, this course is perfect for you.


Throughout this eight-week journey, you will delve into the art of creating intricate and functional pottery pieces that consist of multiple parts.

From lidded jars to juicers and coffee pots, each week will bring students new challenges and opportunities for growth.

Week One kicks off with the exploration of throwing lidded jars, where you'll experiment with various lid styles, including the chopstick jars.

In Week Two, you'll learn the art of trimming and finishing lidded jars, incorporating decorating techniques with our hourse slips to add your personal touch.

In Week Three you'll tackle more advanced projects, such as throwing a juicer and jug.

In Week Four you will be adding spouts, carving, and attaching handles.

Week Five introduces the intricacies of crafting a coffee pot and Pour Over, with a focus on creating objects that perfectly accommodate paper filters once fired.

In Week Six and Seven you'll refine your pieces, focusing on trimming, finishing, and perfecting details like spout styles and carving ridges for filters. 

By Week Eight, you'll have completed all your masterpieces, ready to showcase your newfound skills and creativity.

Led by experienced instructor Lucy of Lucy.Be Ceramics, each class will provide expert guidance and support as you navigate the challenges and triumphs of creating two-part pottery. Students are encouraged to explore their own personal interests in ceramics and develop style and self expression.

Whether you're drawn to the functionality of juicers and coffee pots or the aesthetic appeal of lidded jars, this course will empower you to confidently tackle more complex pottery projects while honing your craftsmanship. 


Workshops are all held at Northern Rivers pottery Supplies, our new space is located in Goonellabah industrial estate, at 31 Centenary drive.

Refund Policy:

If your class is unable to go ahead you will receive a full refund, if you cannot attend your course please contact us and you may transfer your booking to a friend. If there is enough notice before your course begins, we can try to fill your space. If we are able to replace your spot we can offer you a credit for a future course or give a refund. If your place cannot be filled or you leave your courses after the start date we cannot refund you.

*Please let us know if you are left handed and would like to work clockwise.

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